I Imagine & Build Stuff.

I am a software developer with solid experience in the development of modular apps. I have experience developing hefty web apps, simple blazing fast static websites and mobile applications. Always enjoying the process of creation and constantly learning better ways of doing things everyday. My goal is to continously build products that provide pixel-perfect, performant experiences.

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About Me.

Hi, my name is Ken & am a Software developer adept in building, testing and maintaining software products. Over the last years i have developed a wide range of mobile and web apps including sites for startup companies and small businesses. Being a developer is not only my profession but also my hobby. My objective is to provide absolutely accurate services to my clients.

Here's how i can help

What i can do for you.

  • Building responsive websites from scratch ( PSD, Sketch )
  • API development ( Rest, Graphql ) & Integration
  • Website optimization, loading and image compression
  • Develop mobile applications on Android and IOS - ( React Native )
  • Web server ( Nginx ) & cloud services

How i work

Strategic Plan.

Reach your business goals with excellent user experience.
Let’s start working on your awesome product.

Let's start your project

01. Planning

Speak with you about what your exact needs and vision are. This stage includes gathering all the project requirements. The main function serves to clarify what is expected of the deliverables as well as the communication strategy.

02. Design

My focus is development. I'll look for a good designer or team up with one if you already have. At the end of this phase we'll have prototypes simulating final end results of your web / mobile app before development.

03. Development

Bringing design to life with regular checkpoints to show work or answer questions. Constantly referring to the planning details to make sure everything is in working order and that i haven’t missed anything visually or functionally.

04. Delivery

The final step is to prepare the web or mobile app for public viewing. It involves final polishing of design elements & deep testing of interactivity and features. Making sure sure you're satisfied with the product and that all contractual obligations have been met.